by Joel Duplessis

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released June 16, 2012

Guitars and vocals: Joel Duplessis
Drums: Kevan Atkins (in songs 3 and 4)
Solo at the end of song 3: Jordan Duguay and Pat Gallant



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Joel Duplessis

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Track Name: 1 Skip This Song
Track Name: 2 Another Bee Stings
watching all the people in the street... oh yeh
nothing but the floor under my feet... oh yeh
we already had nothing left to loose
the numbers of the reasons to your bruises

don't be careful what-so-what-so do to you
childrens into all these symphonies, did you know
something that the bees will never sting
something that the bees will never sting against you

you can come and go and then you live with me
you've got all you need until you're free, your freedom
something that the bees will never sting
rescue me until you feel a breeze in your hair

in your hair, in your hair, in your hair, in your hair
Track Name: 3 Remember to Keep the Volume Low
I take these pills to forget the world
I sing these songs to forget the girl
I look at the walls and I see myself
because of my shadow and its darkness
and after all, we're pretty powerless

I have a brain thats the size of a flea
but I have a heart that's hard to cary
I bang my head to forget my name
but at the end, we're all the same
yeh at the end, I'm still the same

out of my head, get out of my head
get out of my head, get out of my head

I have my friends that are hard to find
yes they are ghosts, but they don't mind
I cannot scream, I cannot shout
all I can do is dream of you
yeh yeh its really all I can do

out of my head, get out of my head
get out of my head, get out of my head

It's such a chame that I can't sing
It's such a shame, I'm just ruining it

Track Name: 4 Always Near You
shes not coming home tonight she's slipping under
breakdown of comunists a flash bomb of politicians
she's got the brightest smile of a thousand stars alone
she's gone she left and wont come back, she's all alone

her eyes are taken off an angel, its got to be
I'm sure she was part of a plan to screw me over
she's got the intelligence of einstein, an IQ of 50
she knows everything about me, she's out of reach
she's out of reach, she's out of reach

who is gonna brush your hair now, when you sleep?
you have the biggest collection of bottles, too insecure to live in this messed up world we've built cuz, she's all used up, she's caught in her insecurity with her superman
Track Name: 5 Home
come to an end nananana nananana
come to an end nananana nananana

your hair is growing
your head is glowing
your home is melting in the sea, in the sea

like skipping stones, mobile home, I'm moving
you can carry me, follow me, out.

struggle here, struggle out
find my home inside the light
break my bones, call me back
find my home inside the light... get some time

get some time, get some time... yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh